China Reds Vs Vietnam Swans ANZAC Game 2012

The China Reds Football Club recently visited Vietnam to take part in the 2012 ANZAC Friendship match in the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau.

The ANZAC Friendship Weekend is all about remembrance and celebration. While the weekend features many humble reminders of the sacrifices made by brave soldiers on both sides during the war, the highlight is undoubtedly the ANZAC Friendship Match, which is held in the centre of the picturesque Vung Tau Dog Track in front of up to 1000 spectators each year. 

The field, which was once affectionately known as the Lord Mayor’s Oval, holds a special significance for those involved in the Vietnam War. From 1966 through to 1971 the oval was the site of the Vietnam Football League, a competition between various Australian units that were based in Vung Tau.

This year the China Reds, which consisted of players from the Beijing Bombers and Shanghai Tigers, contested the 3rd ANZAC Friendship match against the Vietnam Swans.

From the outset, the game’s intensity was matched only by the incredible Vietnamese heat as the two sides slugged it out with true ANZAC spirit. 

It was a closely fought affair, with the margin a mere two points at half time. However, the sweltering heat eventually took its toll on the less acclimatized Reds’ players, seeing the Swans come out on top by 23 points.

To round off a highly memorable tour, the Reds’ players made one last stop at a local orphanage, the Centre for the Protection of Children in Vung Tau (CPCVT). While it was all fun and games for the brief visit, it left the players with a lasting impression of the immense effort and generosity required to maintain such a centre.

It was a great pleasure for Mic Mittasch, President of the Beijing Bombers Football Club and CEO of Mitchells to donate US$750 to CPCVT on behalf of the China Reds Football Club. 

All money raised during the ANZAC Friendship Match was donated to local charities in Vung Tau.


Match Result
Vietnam SwansChina Reds
Q1: 2. 0. 12 (12)2. 6. 18 (18)
Q2: 4. 3. 27 (39)3. 1. 19 (37)
Q3: 4. 1. 25 (64)1. 4. 10 (47)
Q4: 2. 3. 15 (79)1. 3. 9 (56)
Final Score: 12. 7. 797. 14. 56